Start planning your move from the UK to Australia

    • Start planning your move
    • Discuss and seek advice from family & friends. Research about where to live
    • Research about potential job opportunities
    • Attend Migration Expos and seminars
    Finish Planning
      • Update your resume/CV
      • Search for jobs in Australia
      • Apply for employment
      • Apply for Australian health insurance
      • Enrol your children into a local school
      • Apply/Enrol in a university/college
      • Consider if you want to put your current house on the market
      • Consider selling your house, car and/or belongings
      • Search for temporary accommodation before you leave and in Australia
      • Sell any unwanted items
      • Renew passport and ensure it covers the duration of your visa
      • Book flights to Australia
      Finish Planning
        • Consider booking a hire car at your arrival destination
        • Book temporary accommodation in Australia
        • Gather financial/tax statements
        • Gather utility statements
        • Collect all medical files
        • Pay off all outstanding bills and cancel accounts
        • Transport/ship some belongings to Australia
        • Buy some Australian currency
        • Say goodbye to family and friends
        Finish Planning
          • Collect hire car on arrival
          • Check-in into temporary accommodation
          • Familiarise yourself with the city and surroundings
          • Purchase a prepaid mobile phone
          • Purchase prepaid internet for your computer
          • Contact family & friends and tell them you've arrived
          • Register yourself at your local consulate
          • Visit Centrelink for employment and financial assistance
          • Meet with your employer
          • Visit chosen school or childcare
          Finish Planning
            • Credit cards
            • How much you can borrow if you are thinking about purchasing a home
            • Apply for home or car insurance
            • Set up your Australian superannuation and consider transferring your pension.
            Finish Planning
              • Attend social functions / groups / networking / community events and festivals
              • Consider your housing needs
              • Establish utilities such as phone, water, electricity
              • Set your future goals for your new life in Australia
              Finish Planning

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